Dear daddy


Thank you. A thousand thank you’s are not enough to express my gratitude. So many people grow up without fathers and in our country especially, where there is a culture of fatherless homes, it’s almost normal to not assume that my friends might have a mom and dad at home. And then others who have grown up in a house with both mom and dad might wish that they didn’t have this ‘fortune’. Im grateful that I didn’t have to experience either of these situations. And this letter is not to discredit anyone’s dad or make them feel bad, it’s simply me honoring a man who has done a good job.


I just read a book about people that can’t understand the love of God the Father or simply see God as the Father. Because of the very reasons mentioned above, everything about the word father, brings back bad memories and thoughts. As I read this book, I could only give thanks to God. Simply for the blessing of the house I grew up in. Obviously we have our cracks but that just adds to the flavor of it all. Daddy, if you asked me to score you ( looool) on your ‘dad-ship’, I’d very well give you a close to perfect score. You’ve been at all our sports games that you could get to. You’ve attended and clapped at all our concerts (even the boring ones). You’d drop everything you were doing if you knew we were stranded (well if the Stormers were playing, we’d have to wait a bit…lol, but you still showed up). I have no doubt that you’ll take Matthew, my or even mummy’s place should we be in danger. You’re a father to my friends too and they love you so much. You showed me how to respect others and love my neighbors, even when they didn’t invite me to their beach parties😅. But most of all, you showed me what it is to trust God, even with your children.

Daddy, you’ve never doubted or questioned my decision to give up everything and do this crazy thing of being a missionary. You’ve supported me in EVERYTHING I’ve done_ I swear if being a street sweeper made me happy, you’d buy me the best broom. Do you know how I know that you’re legit?? – when we chat about my career choice and everything else, I see no fear in your eyes. You completely trust God and know that He will take care of your daughter. You know that God borrowed me to you for a little while and you’ve done an excellent job while in your care, but now it’s time to give me back. I can’t thank you enough daddy. I can’t thank Pa enough for teaching you the core values and principles that you’ve passed down to Matthew and I. 

I’ve often thought that it’s going to be so scary to be mom or a wife one day (don’t worry, I’m not pregnant lol). Coz I don’t know the recipe that you and mummy used in our house. The secret to success. I still don’t know it, and I probably never will and I think it’s ok. My game plan is to do as was done unto me….love. Love without conditions as God loves us. 1 Corinthians 11v1: “imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ”.

I know the love of God the Father because my earthly father has loved me with that same love. 


Thank you papa- Jo

You are amazing.
I love you ❤️
Love your favorite daughter.


March Update


Firstly, I’d like to thank all those who’ve sent kind words to me while I’m here. I can’t respond as I’d like to, but do know that I receive your messages and I appreciate it. Thank you all for the prayers.   
Our first three weeks at the training base here at the Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is quite intense, called “Inside Out”. Before we can go out into the world, we have to deal with ourselves and our identity in Christ. This has called for a lot of introspection and prayer time. We’ve dealt with various topics in these few weeks, from the Trinity, identity, sexuality, the Church and so much more. With subjects of this nature, lots of prayer time and reflection is needed. Your prayers are needed. So thank you for interceding for me while I’m here. Already God has awakened a bravery in me that I never thought was there. Because of your prayers, I’ve been able to have amazing encounters with The Father and I’m expectant of so much more. Please continue to pray for me and all the other trainees at the training base.

We are about 40 trainees from all parts of the world. We have one more week of “Inside Out” and then we’ll start being trained on HIV/AIDS and evangelism. We will also start preparing for a two-week outreach to Lesotho. Please pray for successful preparations spiritually, emotionally and physically.

A big thank you to all my financial partners. I’ve truly been blessed by you all. It’s only been the first month and I know that it’s all new to us, but I’m ever so grateful for your contribution.


 [some of the girls who will be joining me in Cape Town. They’d love to meet you]

I’m coming home at the end of the month (25th March) to do my second Two Oceans Half Marathon. My mom’s doing it with me and my only goal is to finish before she does! Apparently her training is going very well, so I need to step up my game (or trip her in the middle of the race …only kidding haha). I’ve made really good friends here already and even kind of set up a running team here – #teamhope21 Pretoria-leg lol.


[#teamhope21- Pretoria. Early morning runs while the rest of the base is dreaming]

I’ll be staying at home for the whole week and will be bringing 6 of the trainees back to the Mother City with me. They’ll be staying with me for the weekend and then in the city center until Friday before we all go back to the training base. I’d really love to meet up with as many of you as I can. Please email, call or whatsapp and we can make a date. I’m missing so much at home and want to soak up as much as I can before I’m gone again. My diary is wide open and I’m ready to fill it up!

Please join me as I praise God for:

• Safe trip to Pretoria (it was a long journey, but a pleasant and safe one)

• Electricity (we had no power for three days and no water for one. It’s the little things in life we take for granted and shoo, how great it feels to wash in warm water lol)

• Energy and strong bones (this program is quite intense and there’s little time for rest, so I’m thankful that I still have the energy to wake up at 5:30 to run and then stay alert till 9h30pm for Bible study or Worship evenings)

• Growth (it’s only been a few weeks, but already God has been speaking heaps to my soul)

     [practical work…revamping the chapel into a prayer room]

 [we had 3 days without electricity and we had to read and navigate with torches at night]
Also, brothers and sisters in Christ, will you stand together with me for:  

• Continued growth in the next couple of weeks as I dig deeper into my identity in Christ.

• Effective and successful preparation for the Lesotho outreach happening in April.

• Safe travels for myself and the 6 girls coming with me to Cape Town at the end of the month.

• Unity amongst the trainees and leaders here at the training base (where there is unity God commands a blessing)
Thank you so much again for your partnership in finances and in prayer. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me and the rest of the trainees here at MDT. We are expectant.

For more information on how you can partner up with me and God’s mission, please see contact details below. You can email, call, whatsapp me or Monique (for quicker response) and ask all the questions that you have on your heart. You may also send me your prayer requests so that I can intercede on your behalf (there is power in prayer after all!).

Remember that I’m coming home as well and would love to meet up.

God bless, thank you again for reading and praying ^^,
[please pray for us as we pray for you❤️]

Date night with my Father


Two nights ago, I went on the best date ever ❤️ you must be thinking: whaaaaat??? Jodee I thought you went on a Missions training course…when and why do you have time for dates???? 
On Tuesday night the leaders at The Missions Discipleship Training invited all the trainees (well not invited, it was on the program…but let’s just say I was invited, as though I had a choice lol) to a special prayer night. We only had to bring our bibles, a journal and meet at the swing on the base.I was expecting the usual: meet together, exalt God and then ask Him for a whole lot of stuff, bless this nation, guide this person etc etc. At 7:15pm, we all rocked up as requested and were given a sheet with Psalms 23. We all know that verse right, The Lord is my Shepherd… It was broken down and each verse or half verse had a venue or station. The only instruction we were given was to try to go to each station, we didn’t have to go in order, but it was encouraged that we try and do all the stations and meet back at the hall at 9pm for a closing song….uuuh okay then. 


My first stop was at the Dining hall (v3b He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake)…candle lit tables were set out, each with a bowl of sweets and another bowl of fruit on them. And on either side of the table was a chair. One for me and one for my date…a leader came up to me and told me that this is the banquet, eat as much as you want. When I realized who my date was, I couldn’t stop crying. How can I sit at the same table as God?? Eat of His food and just chat to Him. For probably more than 5 minutes I couldn’t fathom this very idea, I couldn’t lift up my pen never-mind eat of the delicious grapes displayed before me. Once I got a hold of myself, God told me that of course I can sit at His table, He is my Father, I am His daughter. I sat there overwhelmed for another maybe 15 minutes, not wanting to leave Gods awesome presence. I just wanted to soak and breath Him in. But I needed to move on…this date had other activities planned.


I then went into the hall, where a range of stations were laid out. This felt like this was the activities of the night, like going to a peaceful carnival or a museum. The hall was full of people and I won’t lie, I didn’t want to spend a long time inside…I wanted to be alone with God. I was being selfish, but I think that’s ok sometimes. And although God did speak to me at these stations, I still longed to be alone with Him and get out of the hall. 

I went outside to the picnic area. (V2 He leads me in green pastures, beside peaceful streams). A few blankets were laid out, each with candle lit mason jars surrounding it. In the background was soft instrumental music playing. As I got closer to the blanket, I paused in awe again, overwhelmed with the same thought of hanging with God like this. So intimate. Am I even worthy. I stood in awe for a few seconds, just marveling at the idea and thanking God for coming out tonight. As I sat down and then eventually laid down in His presence, in His embrace, it wasn’t a peace that came over me but a comfort. God telling me that I belong to Him and that He loves me unconditionally. That song with the words “nothing that you say, can make Him love you more. And nothing that you do, can make Him close the door…” Came to my mind. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what came after ” and everything was done…”. Again. I didn’t want to get up. I wanted to just lay on the blanket with God until I couldn’t anymore. God told me that it’s ok… He’s waiting for me at the next station.

I had two more stops before we called it a night. Next I went to the cross (v5b You annoint my head with oil; my cup runs over)… We were asked to take off our shoes as this was Holy Ground. As soon as I saw that, I knew God was being honest and waiting for me as He said He would. When I sat down, the rest of the words of the song came rushing to me… “So you would come…come to the Father, though your gift is small…”. I could kneel at the cross and just lay it all out for Jesus to receive. Here I could also participate in the communion, drink the blood that was shed and body that was broken for me.

10 minutes left…one more stop. The chapel. (V6b and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever) I don’t think my description will do you justice, I don’t think a photo can even illustrate the power that was as I walked in. As I walked onto another Holy Ground, a huge golden covered chair displayed before a purple sheet, illuminated faced two long mats with people of God kneeling before His presence in worship. My entire body started to shake, I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t control my breathing_ I’m so sorry to the other worshippers and I pray that I didn’t interrupt their worship with my heavy breathing 😥. In the Throne room I couldn’t even take out my journal. I just worshipped. I bowed down and cried and cried and soaked in. Moved by the Spirit of God. Worshipping my Father. My wonderful Father that just spent the evening with His daughter. Whom He loves.

I heard singing and knew that this was the signal to the end of the night. Leaders started blowing out the candles outside and I made my way back to the hall. We ended the night singing in one accord, in praise giving to God. I practically ran back to my room, not wanting to talk to anyone…again, I was being selfish. I just wanted to creep into my bed and sleep in this wonderful zone. Sleep failed me…I mean, I just came back from the best date ever...who wants to sleep when your reality is so beautiful. My Dad took me on a date and we had the best time ever. 

Any guy that wants to take me on a date from now on, has a lot to live up to lol. Sorry guys, my Dad’s the best. 

[special thank you to all the leaders at MDT for setting everything up, the venue, the food, the music, the activities, the bill 😉 and most importantly for inviting God to meet me].

❤️ thanks for reading 

God bless, I love you all.

I’ve arrived


I’ve arrived at MDT. Thank God. It was a long 17 hour drive. Thank you all for your prayers and special goodbyes. I’m going to miss Cape Town. 😢
I drove up to Pretoria with another trainee from Cape Town on Monday.. We decide a while back to drive up to Pretoria and share the cost of the trip. We were not even 4 hours into the trip when I already experienced God’s favor. He is so amazing. At our first stop in Beaufort West, we needed to fill up. And since Sean came to my house with a full tank of petrol, I assumed he did the first round, so I offered to pay for this one. But then Sean said that it’s already paid for. Someone in Sean’s church paid upfront for all the petrol and toll gate fees we’d need for the entire trip. 😁can you believe it!!? Last week, God gave me Philippians 4v19 “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” We all believe this as children of God or some of us just know it coz it’s repeated so many times in church. But to actually experience it is so brilliant and exciting. 

I’ve been in Pretoria for just under a week and already I’ve been learning so much. Everyday I just want to go to my Infinity youth leader team and share something cool that I just learnt. All these practical things about spending time with God and being good stewards is so handy for all Christians and especially leaders. I wish I could share it with you all lol. If this is what I receive in 3 days_ I can’t wait for the next 5 months. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people from all over the world. We are just over 40 trainees, most of who are thinking of going into missions after MDT. My room mates are from Holland, USA and Hong Kong and so far the only issues we’ve had are the mosquitoes 😂😂 They have a feast on all of us. 

My SIM card still hasn’t caught up with being on a farm in Pretoria, so communication is slim. But I have committed to blogging AT LEAST once a week so that you all can be part of this journey with me. Right now I’m still in honey moon phase, everything is rosy lol…but I’m sure I have a few challenges ahead of me. 
Please continue to pray for me and even the other Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) trainees and leaders. Also pray for good health, earlier this week I had a battle with the water here, but thank God that’s over. Pray also for my family, (Matthew and parents) at home that they won’t miss me too much and me them.
Please let me know how I can pray for you. We have a dedicated 1h30 in the morning for devotions and I want to add you to my list of people to pray but also tell me how I can pray for you.
Thank you for reading and praying. I love you
Chat soon ^^,



-Are you taking leave?Speech_bubble_svg

No, I’m letting my contract ride out_ it comes to an end 12 January and then I have a month at home before I leave for Pretoria for the MDT course. So I’ll have a month of down time before I start the 5 month Missions Discipleship Training (MDT).

-And then? After Pretoria? Where are you going?

mmm 🙂  I’m not sure yet. I’m still praying about it… 

This is an example of a typical conversation I’ve had countless times this festive season. Or whenever I mention that I’m leaving my job to become a full time missionary.

That last sentence used to unnerve me so much. 

Thought BubbleI thought: “how can people commit to sponsor me when they don’t even know what they’re sponsoring?” I got so frustrated with God. I spoke to my mission facilitators from Operation Mobilisation about it. They told me that even Abraham didn’t know where he was headed [Genesis 12v1, Hebrews 11v8]. God told Abraham to get up and go and he got up and left.


God is doing the same to me right now. He’s asking me to get up from what I’m used to and go follow Him. Right now He’s leading me to become equipped at the Missions Discipleship Training. A five month course that will equip and give me the tools I need to be a successful missionary of God. No soldier can go into the battle field without first having been trained on how to use his tools. I can’t step out into this world with my guns and just go around shooting without even knowing where the safety cap is or the trigger. I need someone to show me how.


Post-It-To-Do-ListHave you ever read the story of Martha and Mary? [Luke10v38 – 42] In this scripture, Jesus visits the sisters and Martha is hustling and bustling in the house while her sister Mary is soaking up the presence of the Lord Jesus. Martha is prepping everything, trying to get everything on her to do list ticked off and making sure everything is in place as she planned. I am Martha_ if you ask anyone that works closely with me, in anything I do, I have a list. I LOOOVE making lists and planning things. I like knowing what to do and ticking it off. I like having my ducks in a row. I have a year planner that I take with me everywhere so that I know exactly what I planned to do two days from now and maybe I can squeeze this and that in here and there. I get a thrill from planning. I like to be in control.


God does not like me being in control lol.


God is the same yesterday, today and forever [Hebrews13v8]. God has never revealed His plan for my life too far ahead of its time. For varsity, I didn’t know I was accepted at Stellenbosch University until the day before I had to start orientation. For my first job, I had an interview two days after my last university exam and I started the day right after the interview. I only knew that Thailand was my destination, a MONTH before I got on the plane. For this job at PetroSA, I had an interview in October 2013 already but I was only informed that I have the job two weeks before I got on a plane to come home. God has a technique with me_ showing me that He is in control of my life and not me. He’s been doing things this way all the time, why will it be any different now?

I don’t need to know now where I’m going, that will come when I NEED to know. Right now, I need to be Mary, focus and soak Him in. I need to get ready for the MDT in Pretoria. I need to sort out sponsorships for the training and not the trek. The training first and then the trek.

So when you ask me again: “…and after Pretoria?” know that I don’t know. And that it’s ok. I will know when it’s the right time. And when I know, you will too.


For now, pray with me:

  • Pray that God will give me the answers I need when questions are asked.
  • Pray that any doubts from the enemy is blocked.
  • Pray that I will put my to-do lists away for a while and soak in His goodness like Mary did.
  • Pray for hearts to be opened and that God will lead those He has directed to financially support me for the training (I need at least R4000 per month).
  • Pray that I will have boldness.
  • Pray that as I prepare for MDT, I will be financially and mentally prepared for it.

MDT costs R20 000 for 5 months. I will be using my savings and I still need your monthly sponsorship to partner with me. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity. If you feel that God is leading you to sow into my life and this mission financially, please give me a call or email me. I will send you all the necessary details you need to sponsor me.


God bless you.

Thank you for reading and for praying.



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Have you ever heard someone say: When God shows up, He shows off??

Have you ever experienced it? I’d like to take a few seconds to brag about my magnificent Lord!!!! Oh wow!!! I don’t think you can doubt His existence once you experience something like this…I’ll try and keep it short.

Around about a month ago (oh wow…can’t believe it’s been this long). My friend Monique was planning her birthday party that she would celebrate with all the kids from Astra School of the physically disabled learners. We did the same party in 2014 for about 30 kids, which was a great success. So we were expecting around the same. Monique and I would have coughed up the cash ourselves for these kiddies. However, about a week and a half before the bash, the principle of the school called Monique and told her that because it’s on a Monday, the party would be hosted for 240 kids!!! Yes, you read correct. We just jumped from 30 to 240 kids in one sentence lol. And Monique without thinking said that it will be ok. The next thing she did was call me, her, as she would call me “admin queen” lol. She was expecting me to be angry at her “foolishness” but instead I had a weird cool and assurance about this and I told her “ok, cool. That’s fine. We serve a God that can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ever ask or think of. “[Eph 3v20]


As soon as I got off the phone, I started emailing all the hot shots – Pick n Pay, KFC, Fruit and Veg. But all these came to an abrupt halt_ everyone was saying no and that they already do community projects with other organisations. The next day, I worked out an estimated budget, I thought we’d need around R1000 to make this happen. And I worked out that if we can get about 30 friends and family to donate 30 each, we can have just under our target and we’ll make up the rest.

So we started messaging a few friends. In less than an hour, I was on the phone with Monique, in tears. Because my God does that to me…He brings me to my knees in tears of joy. I felt led to message a guy who I had only spent time with once before and hardly ever spoke to. I mentioned our dilemma and asked if he was ok with donating R30 to the cause. This blessed angel responded and said he would donate R800 on pay day. OMW!!!!! Can you believe it?!! The very next day, another friend said he’d give R400. Everyone I spoke to was so eager to donate to God’s kids having a ball and be blessed by His angels.

In the end we had more than double our estimated budget. We had about R2500 to buy party packets and hot dogs and juice and cakes. Oh wow!!!!! It was just such a blessing. And we had so many friends coming out to help us at the party.

The kids enjoyed themselves SOO much. If you ever thought that you need legs to dance…you were wrong lol. I wish I had a video to share with you how excited these kids were when the jams started to pump.

Have you heard of the story of the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish? [Luke 9v10-17]

Have you ever experienced it? When we left, we had given food to the kids, the helpers, the teachers and there was still food left over to keep for the hostel kids for supper. When we left, we had boxes full of party packets. We had cake we could leave at the school and even take home. We started with thinking we only needed to feed 30 kids on our own_ but God had another story in mind. We were like the disciples carrying the 12 baskets of the leftover fragments with them.

Have you ever heard someone say when God shows up, He shows off???!!



A hearty thank you to everyone who listened to God and helped us make this day a success. [Matthew 25v40: “And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me'”]